5 Players the Atlanta Braves Could Sever Ties with Before 2014 Season

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5 Players the Atlanta Braves Could Sever Ties with Before 2014 Season

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After the disappointing ending to the 2013 Atlanta Braves season, many might expect a lot of changes going into the offseason but I doubt that will be the case. Only a few things are bound to change but Frank Wren, the team’s GM, certainly has some difficult choices to make. Some of the hard choices are monsters of his own making but such is life for a MLB GM.

Though some have called for manager Fredi Gonzalez to be fired, that is just about as ridiculous as saying Bobby Cox was a failure because the Braves “only” won one World Series while he was manager. It’s preposterous to say the least. In the same way, Gonzalez did a good job this year as did his coaching staff. Sorry for those of you who want him gone; it’s not happening.

Moving on to the players, there will be a few changes there but one of them cannot really be B.J. Upton. I understand that many Braves fans are already tired of Upton but it would simply cost the Braves too much money to trade him and pay a good deal of his salary for the next several years. The good side of Upton is that he is bound to have a better season in 2014 and just like the passionate New York Yankees fans, the Braves fans will forget all about the bad 2013 with a productive 2014.

There are some that the Braves need to or at least should comfortably be able to part ways with this offseason and this will list the five that are most evident to me. Take a moment and leave a comment below if you agree, disagree or if you want me stoned for saying Upton should stay. Here we go.

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5 - Elliot Johnson – 2B

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Unlike the TBS broadcasters that tore into him this postseason, I like what Elliot Johnson brought to the Braves. He provided an option at second base that would be solid in the field and at least put the bat on the ball. Everything he provides is provided by Ramiro Pena however and he should be back during the 2014 season. With a likely move to bring in another full-time second baseman in the works, Johnson just isn’t needed. Here’s hoping he lands somewhere and makes a difference.

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4 – Paul Maholm – P

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Maholm served a purpose for the Braves but they really have no need to go pay money to bring him back in 2014. He is a free agent and solid enough to earn more than the Braves should be willing to pay since they have a ton of good young arms ready for the big leagues.

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3 – Brian McCann – C

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I am extremely glad that McCann is set to make a ton of money in free agency. Unlike some people, I do not think a big contract will be a waste on him. He’ll provide plenty to warrant a top salary for an American League team for years to come. The Braves have too much waiting at catcher to sign him again though. I’m both sad and happy to see him move on.

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2 – Tim Hudson – P

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This is a difficult one because I love what Hudson brings to the clubhouse and to the pitching staff. Looking at the situation, it just looks overcrowded. The Braves have Brandon Beachy, Alex Wood, Julio Teheran, Mike Minor and Kris Medlen coming back and that doesn’t count David Hale who proved he is ready as well.

Add to that the fact that they are seriously talking about bringing in a prime Ace to lead the staff and there really is little reason to believe they will have room for Hudson unless they plan to put both Alex Wood and another of the top four in the bullpen. They could trade one of the bigger named starters to get an Ace and save Hale for next year. That would make room with Wood in the bullpen but it seems far-fetched.

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1 – Dan Uggla – 2B

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Dan Uggla needs to go; it’s just that simple. I am one of few that have been patient with his production but when he mouths off publicly about Fredi’s handling of him while continually not producing when he is given a chance, it’s past time to move on. A perfect situation would be a trade with the Reds that brought in Brandon Phillips and his disgruntled 100 RBI seasons. That kind of production would cure a lot of ills for the Braves and likely keep Phillips happy.

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