Detroit Tigers Need A Manager With Experience

By Brent Smith
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

When looking at the list of candidates to be the next Detroit Tigers manager, you could be feeling very underwhelmed. That is because the options for manager this season are about as bare as they have been in quite sometime and the current managers that the Tigers would be very interested in seem satisfied where they currently are. This has led to a lot of new names floated around with limited to no managerial experience all in an effort to find the next Mike Matheny. The problem with this is the Tigers are not the St. Louis Cardinals and their locker room is not one that can be a learning experience for a new guy.

No one doubts that one day a guy like Brad Ausmus will be given the keys to a managerial job but to place him in an environment where winning is a must right out of the gate will likely be too much to ask. Unlike the Cardinals, the Tigers are not coming off a World Series win. The fans are rabid for a championship and anything less is unacceptable. This cannot be a learn on the job, kick the tires around position and while hiring Brad Ausmus or Carlos Guillen may be nostalgic but it is not the right time to be out of the box or rolling the dice.

It can be frustrating looking at the list of experienced managers available but that doesn’t mean the time is now to try a completely new manager. Too much is invested, too much pressure is involved to expect a new guy to walk in and manage the various personalities that this club has. Jim Leyland never got enough credit for his managing of a locker room that was filled with so many different cultures and backgrounds, a new guy may not receive the same respect or know how to go about earning it. The Tigers need to shut the book on finding someone unorthodox and try to stabilize the managerial position as much as they possibly can. Focus on finding new players, not new managers.

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