Miami Marlins Rumors: Team Should Keep Expanded Payroll Without Jose Abreu

By David Miller
Miami Marlins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Abreu’s pre-career is just amazing. Not since the world exploded around Yasiel Puig has one basically unproven talent stirred up Major League Baseball. Abreu was on seemingly everyone’s wish list going into the offseason and of course long before that as well. One surprise team that really wanted Abreu was the Miami Marlins who were reportedly willing to expand their small payroll to land the supposed future MLB star. They couldn’t match the unreal figure that the Chicago White Sox put up however so they fell short.

My issue is not with the fact that they wanted Abreu. I think that is great. It shows that they were committed to the kind of talent that they need to help their team succeed and were willing to pay more than their current tiny payroll to get him. Nothing is bad about that except for the likelihood that the Marlins will keep their tiny payroll tiny now that they did not get Abreu. To me that is backwards.

What they should do is shrug their shoulders after not getting Abreu and put their focus on someone else that they think would greatly improve their team. The Houston Astros are a comparable team and also were interested in Abreu. Now they are apparently thinking of focusing on free agent Shin-Soo Choo. That is the type of attitude the Marlins should have if they want to improve the team. If they just wanted the media frenzy and fan attention that would have come with Abreu, they shouldn’t have been after him in the first place.

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