New York Yankees Are Still Richest Franchise, Worth $1 Billion More

By Andrew Fisher
Hal Steinbrenner
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

According to Bloomberg Billionaires, the New York Yankees are worth a lot more than previously thought. Of course, the Yankees are still the richest MLB team, they’re now just worth an extra $1 billion. There were previous ‘rankings’ released from Forbes in March that had the Yankees valued at $2.3 billion. But after Bloomberg Billionaires researched the team further, they discovered even more money. Their estimate has the Yankees being worth a whopping $3.3 billion.

In addition to New York , BB has nine other teams being worth over $1 billion.

Here are their estimates:

(1) New York Yankees $3.3 Billion

(2) Los Angeles Dodgers $2.1 Billion

(3) Boston Red Sox $2.1 Billion

(4) New York Mets $2.1 Billion

(5) Chicago Cubs $1.3 Billion

(6) San Francisco Giants $1.2 Billion

(7) Baltimore Orioles $1.1 Billion

(8) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim $1.1 Billion

(9) Philadelphia Phillies $1 Billion

(10) Texas Rangers $1 Billion

There really aren’t any surprise teams on the list, it’s just surprising to see that many teams worth more than a billion dollars. Baseball might be declining in terms of national popularity, but these teams certainly aren’t feeling that wrath.

BB sights the YES Network as the reason why the Yankees are worth so much money. There’s obviously a ton of people that live in New York and a lot of them subscribe to the Yankee network.

So when people ask ‘why are Yankees the always good?’ Just remind them that baseball does not have a salary cap and that they’re worth more than $3 billion. I think a more relevant question is  – how do the Cubs suck so badly with over $1 billion at their disposal?


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