2013 World Series: Did Boston Red Sox' Jon Lester Doctor Baseball During Game 1?

By Ron Gleeson

It’s the World Series, and here we go with the controversy. Jon Lester pitched a marvelous game for the Boston Red Sox last night, leading the way to a 8-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1. Did Lester get some help from a foreign substance though?

Take a look at this Vine:

It shows Lester on the mound during last night’s game at Fenway Park. Lester appears to have some sort of greenish substance on the inside of his glove, and the video shows Lester reaching inside the glove to touch the substance with his dominant pitching fingers — the pointer and middle fingers. There’s no saying exactly what the spot on his glove is. It could be wear and tear on the leather, or it could be Vaseline — a pitcher’s best friend for doctoring baseballs.

Lester tossed 7.2 innings on fantastic baseball, allowing no runs while walking just one and punching out eight. Some might look at this video, however, and discredit Lester’s performance. The video clearly shows Lester purposely reaching into his glove and touching the questionable spot on the leather. The Vine comes from Cardinals fan Dennis Paruch, so there could be grounds of bias for the post.

MLB, however, should look seriously into this bit of controversy. If Lester did indeed use a foreign substance to gain an advantage on the mound, then the league should suspend the left-hander for the remainder of the World Series. The league has made is extremely clear that there is no room for cheating. Lester should be no exception if he in found to be in the wrong.

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