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5 Players the Baltimore Orioles Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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5 Players the Baltimore Orioles Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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It would be difficult to call the Baltimore Orioles disappointing in the 2013 regular season. After all they had one of the best offenses in all of Major League Baseball with a few of its best players. They could even have the eventual MVP on the team. There are a lot of good things going on for this bunch but it wasn’t enough all total to get them into the wildcard playoff game at the end of the season. They were very close but fell just short.

Manny Machado’s injury certainly played a roll there at the end but he will be back sometime early during the 2014 season and ready to take the next big step in his soon to be great career. It is anyone’s guess whether or not Chris Davis can repeat the season he had in 2013 but even if he gets close it would be well worth the trip. Adam Jones is still one of the premier talents in the outfield as well. So with all this good stuff, what needs to change?

There are a few things that surely do need to be changed, the most obvious of which is the pitching staff. A ton of things can be moved around there but in all likelihood they will be looking at a very similar staff in 2014 to the one they fell short with in 2013. There is a face or two that the Orioles could say bye-bye to and probably get better or at least not hurt for losing them. These are those five. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree; especially if you agree.

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5 – Mike Morse

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Morse came over late in the season and didn’t really do a whole lot that blew away competition. His age is getting a little up there for the money strapped Orioles to worry about spending money bringing him back. They could surely get his production from somewhere else and not feel terribly bad about it in the end.

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4 – Nolan Reimold

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Much like the Orioles staff, I like the up-side to Reimold but his injury plagued MLB seasons really have hampered his production. Maybe he could be re-signed as a non-roster invite but they really could do without him and wish him well with another team. Sadly enough it appears Reimold will have a tough time reaching his full potential as he is already passing around the age of 30.

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3 – Scott Feldman

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Feldman didn’t exactly do a great job after he came over in the deal with the Chicago Cubs. As a matter of fact you wonder if they should have even pulled the trigger on that deal in the first place. He wound up with a nicely sized ERA of 4.27 with the O’s which is something they do not need to pay to bring back. They should cut ties with him and open the door for one of their good young prospects to step up and fill the need.

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2 – Brian Roberts

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Roberts is a solid player but chances are the Orioles could get better production elsewhere. The Los Angeles Angels are shopping Howie Kendrick who would be a big step up for similar pay plus contract control. That is just one example but for $10MM each season the O’s can surely do a little better than Roberts, even possibly opening up the stage for a shift that would allow prospect Jonathan Schoop to show his stuff.

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1 – Nate McLouth

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Let me start by saying I love what McLouth brings to the team but the time might have come for him to take that plus side elsewhere and bring in a free agent that could give the offense the power boost they want. Remember the pitching staff is bound to be much the same so the powers that be want to boost the offense even more. To avoid the “Angels Effect” of getting no return for their investment, they could bring on someone like postseason stud Carlos Beltran. As good as McLouth is, Beltran could be a nice step up especially if they reach the postseason.