Detroit Tigers Should Not Pursue Robinson Cano

By Brent Smith
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers already have plenty of 20 million a year plus players, and they really shouldn’t be looking at increasing that statistic. Of course the media outlets are going to list the Tigers as potential suitors for Robinson Cano, because the Tigers have a giant need at second base and have in the past shown that they are not scared of giving giant contracts in an effort to try and win a championship. That was the old Tigers, however. Currently, the Tigers are looking to be smarter and more efficient with their money.

One simple reason why the Tigers shouldn’t pursue Robinson Cano is how bad the Prince Fielder contract worked out. That is not even mentioning all of the contracts league wide that have failed horribly, such as Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton and Alex Rodriguez, just to name a few. If the Tigers do not have the money for Max Scherzer, then they certainly shouldn’t think they have the money for Cano. Cano is a phenomenal player, but he is not a piece alone that could net you a World Series championship, yet he will be commanding that money and a little bit more.

It is a really simple thing for the Tigers to just ignore the pressure and look to spend more intelligently than they have in the past. Just spending money clearly doesn’t get you championships, and so, the Tigers need to completely change their path of spending into cheaper, more efficient options. The Prince Fielder deal probably cost the Tigers a chance at keeping Scherzer, and a Cano deal could end the Tigers’ chances at signing just about anyone in the future. Save the money and look at keeping Omar Infante or trading for a quality second baseman, but don’t try the flashy deal; the Tigers have tried that before, just to see it fall on it’s face and slide back to third base.

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