Who Must Have Impact for St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2 of World Series?

By Michael Terrill
Who Must Have Impact for St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2 of World Series
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The St. Louis Cardinals certainly did not play well in the first game of the World Series. It appeared nothing could go right for the best team in the National League. The good news is the Cardinals got all of the bad out of the way and are ready to turn their attention to Game 2. In order to be victorious, who is one player that must have an impact for St. Louis in the second game of the World Series?

There is no question all eyes will be on rookie starting pitcher Michael Wacha on Thursday night. After ace Adam Wainwright got lit up in the first game, it is important for Wacha to set the tone that the Cardinals’ starters are not going to fall victim to the mighty Boston Red Sox sluggers. Obviously, it is easier said than done but many believe he has what it takes to silence the likes of David Ortiz and Mike Napoli.

One of the reasons the 22-year-old could be very successful against the Red Sox is the fact that none of them have ever faced him before. That right there gives him a huge advantage, at least through the first couple times in the batting order.

Another reason Wacha is very dangerous is he has momentum on his side. The National League Championship Series MVP has posted an incredible 3-0 record with a 0.43 earned run average, 22 strikeouts and 0.57 WHIP in three starts during the postseason.

Obviously, he does not carry himself like a typical rookie, which makes him a huge threat for Boston. The fact is he shows no fear. He takes the mound with a confident demeanor that makes everyone around him believe that there is no way he will leave the game until he makes a lasting impression.

The Red Sox have the look of a team that believes they are untouchable. However, they have yet to go up against Wacha, who could be the not-so-secret weapon the Cardinals need to even up the series on their way to St. Louis.

Who Must Have Impact for Boston Red Sox in Game 2 of World Series?

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