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2013 World Series: 5 Things The Boston Red Sox Need To Do To Beat The St Louis Cardinals

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5 Things The Red Sox Must Do To Beat St. Louis

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This is getting somewhat ridiculous. It seems that this World Series, which has two incredibly even teams participating, has now come down to how good the St.Louis Cardinals are. The Boston Red Sox have been pushed to the side again. This happened during the ALCS where all FOX could focus on was chatting with Justin Verlander. They talked to him in the dugout after he lost. Yes, he was the losing pitcher and there he was yukking it up with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Did you see any sort of interview with John Lackey, even though he pitched better and won that game? Nope, of course not.

The same thing is happening now in the World Series. Everyone is saying how dangerous and clutch the Cardinals are, and they are right. However, the Red Sox are being forgotten and that just makes no sense. Here is a team that had the most wins in the AL and haven't lost more than three games all year. I understand about Red Sox Nation and there are fans out there that should certainly be considered insufferable. However, Boston has a great story that many people can buy into.

Here is a team that was about as fractured, dysfunctional and unlikeable as any Boston team that has come around in recent years. They alienated most of their fan base and they played like a team that had no passion for the game. They deserved to be in last place. One year later, here they are in the World Series, from worst to first. Not many teams can say that. This is a special team, and hopefully more people will start noticing.

Now, Boston does need to do some things in order to win this series and gain more respect. Here are five things that Boston needs to do to beat St. Louis. It's a Friday Night Five: World Series edition. Let's get going.

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Figure Out The Cardinals Starter As Soon As Possible

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No. 5 is to get to the Cardinals' starters early. This is like the opposite of the ALCS with the Detroit Tigers, who had an amazing starting rotation but a terrible bullpen. Then, you couldn't wait to get the starters out of there. Now, you are facing a team with young flamethrowers who don't seem afraid of anything. Boston needs to get these starters tired, grind at-bats, and work the pitch counts as much as possible. Get an early lead.

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Get The Offense Going.. Now

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No. 4 is get the offense going. Outside of David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia, no one is hitting consistently at all, and now they are heading into St.Louis where Napoli has to sit and you lose his bat in the starting lineup for the next three games.

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See If Clay Buchholz Can Man Up

Buchholz pitching
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No. 3 would be to figure out what is going on with Clay Buchholz. I understand that he needs to think about his career, but this is the World Series, this is what you play for. Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke went through a lot physically to help win the 2004 World Series. Pedro Martinez pitched sometimes when he was not close to 100 percent. John Lackey pitched in 2011 with an elbow that was basically shredded. If Buchholz doesn't start and Boston loses this series, he could be the scapegoat and have to deal with this for a long, long time.

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Hope That Ortiz Brings His Glove

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No. 2 is to hope that Ortiz plays decent defense in St. Louis. You can't take his bat out of the lineup right now, so he needs to play. He can hold his own at first base and doesn't hurt you there. You have to worry a little bit, just because he hasn't been out there on the field much at all.

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Do What You've Been Doing

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Finally, the main thing that Boston needs to do to win this series is to keep on playing like they have been playing all year. Be relentless, capitalize on mistakes, and don't give away outs. That is what happened during Game 2, and they paid for it. Boston needs to win at least one game in St. Louis against a very good October team. Hopefully that can happen, but we'll see.