2013 World Series: Face It St Loius Cardinals, You Were Outplayed

By Carter Roane
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox beat the St.Louis Cardinals pretty easily in Game 1 of the World Series. The Cardinals basically were outpitched, outhit and outplayed. They played a very sloppy game of baseball, which is odd considering how well this team usually plays in October. It just seemed as though the Cardinals were not ready for the series to start.

One of the Cardinals’ minor league pitchers then had the audacity to say that Jon Lester was doctoring the ball for Game 1, which, in their mind, explained his dominance. Have you not been watching this entire postseason? Lester has been pitching like an ace in every series. I am surprised that the Cardinals would be making allegations like this. They have always seemed like a class organization that is above making bush league calls like that. St.Louis just happened to come across a very hot pitcher at the moment.

It feels like Lester has been a man on a mission all season long, and he is definitely pitching like he has something to prove. This whole Red Sox season has been one big redemption tour and Lester is a huge part of that. He was criticized and maligned for how he pitched in 2011 and 2012, and he has turned it around in a big way this season, especially in October.

St. Louis needs to be more professional. They are a very good team and extremely dangerous. There is nothing wrong with losing a game, it happens to every single team. Just admit that you were outplayed, instead of accusing a hot pitcher of cheating.

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