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5 Players the Houston Astros Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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5 Players the Houston Astros Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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It must be slightly more than difficult to be a Houston Astros fan right now. They have struggled for so many years now. The new management appears to be headed in the right direction but once again we get another 100 loss season. One must be left asking if things really are improving. I can assure you that if I were a betting man, I’d put the farm on it. The Astros are going to be a winning franchise within the next five to seven years. I mean winning as in competing for the division every year.

For now though that seems light-years away and all that matters is what can the team do in order to make themselves less terrible. The fact is that we can expect a pretty large amount of turnover for not only this off-season but as the next season and the off-season after it comes along. They are moving players into places and trying to strengthen the base of the organization to give themselves a chance to compete in the future.

One of the things they did this past season to try and improve over the long-haul was to sever ties with players that just were not a good fit for the team. They should make that a bi-annual event for the next couple of seasons at least. Before the 2014 season begins there are a few easy names that they should probably part ways with and at least one or two that might surprise you. Considering they only have a contract on basically two players, this is just my opinion. Almost anyone up and down the roster could go at any time. Isn’t that beautiful?

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5 – Philip Humber

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No one on this team makes a ton of money but Humber nears the $1MM mark with an ERA above 7.00. There is really no question that he shouldn’t make the next round of Astros cuts unless a miraculous change occurs.

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4 – Jimmy Parcedes

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Parcedes is a utility guy that doesn’t have enough of either offense or defense at this point to warrant him staying around. Best case for him would include getting another chance to build his offensive skills.

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3 – J.D. Martinez

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Martinez is one of the second level guys in Houston that is recognizable but certainly nowhere close to the level of Jose Altuve or Jason Castro. If the Astros are serious about spending some money this offseason one of the things they need to focus on is putting some serious pop in the outfield. Martinez might warrant another minor league stint but he isn’t looking developed enough to help the Astros reach the next level.

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2 – Jordan Lyles

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Pitching is going to undergo a lot of cuts on this team forever but right now the entirety of the staff could flip flop with only a few exceptions. Lyles’ ERA over 5.00 is just too high and the Astros should focus on finding someone either in the system or in free agency that can fill his role.

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1 – Lucas Harrell

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This pains me because when Harrell is good he looks like he has the stuff to be one of the best. In all honesty he isn’t looking very much like one of the best with his numbers and the fact that he was bumped out of the starting rotation last season. There is probably a team out there that wants to try and pull the good side out of Harrell and they might pay a good prospect or two to get him.