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5 Players the Milwaukee Brewers Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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5 Players the Milwaukee Brewers Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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The Milwaukee Brewers were one of those teams in 2013 that looked as good as any other team in Major League Baseball at times and then turned around and looked like the worst. One of their brightest stars Carlos Gomez mirrors the team in a way. He looks outstanding sometimes and other times he just looks silly. Gomez is on the way to super-stardom unless his ego gets in the way. Hopefully for Brewers fans, they are also on their way up.

Gomez is solid of course as one of the best outfielders in all of MLB. There are a few names that need to change around and some certainly need to be cut loose by the Brewers. If they plan to move from where they currently are, stuck in the .400 winning percentage stage of being, they will have to change something about the way this team is built. They have few reliable options at any place around the diamond other than Gomez and yes Ryan Braun is reliable as well, assuming he keeps his hands out of the PED cookie jar from now on.

So who needs to go? A few of my choices are bound to surprise a few of you. One I’ll admit to keeping off of my list just barely is Juan Francisco. Francisco started 2013 with the Atlanta Braves but was unable to realize power potential in either place he called home. I think the Brewers will try to give him another year to allow that power bat to progress to where it could be. If you disagree with my choices or think Braun should be let go for obvious but rather ‘in-the-past’ type reasons, leave a comment below.

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5 – Alex Gonzalez

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At the age of 36 with production fading each season, I think it is a given that the Brewers should allow Gonzalez to move elsewhere in his free agency. There is little reason that they should actually bring him back when they could likely promote from within and come close to the same level of production, least of all via trade or free agency.

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4 – Yuniesky Betancourt

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This is a surprise to some I’m sure but for the reliable offensive production that isn’t really there all season long, the Brewers would have to spend too much money to resign Betancourt in free agency considering his .212 batting average this past season. They should give the full time shot to Francisco and see what happens from there forward.

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3 – Corey Hart

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Years ago Hart was one of the more consistent and fearsome offensive outfielders in the game. Sure he may not have a stack of awards on a shelf somewhere but when he came up against your favorite team, he was feared. With slumping production adding to the injury woes Hart has had, I don’t see a reason for them to worry with re-signing him. At the age of 32, it just wouldn’t be worth it.

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2 – Rickie Weeks

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All Brewers fans knew this was coming. Weeks makes more money than most players in baseball with such an upside-down WAR statistic. I don’t know how hard it will be for someone to take his recent production for $11MM but goodness the Brewers have to do something. Weeks just doesn’t get it done anymore.

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1 – Yovani Gallardo

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Gallardo was mentioned in trade rumors all season long and for the life of me, considering his ERA and not so great numbers, I cannot believe the Brewers still have this guy. He is not that great of a pitcher that they should work the market the way they did. Hopefully they were just gauging the market for a trade this offseason because they definitely need to get something back for him now before it’s too late.