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5 Players the Seattle Mariners Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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5 Players the Seattle Mariners Could Sever Ties With Before 2014 Season

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There is no use sugarcoating the situation for the Seattle Mariners. They had high hopes for young talent and the youngsters just are not delivering. It was supposed to work out so that the older free agent guys were expendable because the hot young stars were taking the American League by storm. As it is, the older free agents are almost the only guys getting anything done. To fix this, the GM has a lot of work ahead of him.

Sure, one of the big choices he is going to have is who the new manager should be. In all honesty that is going to be a tough job to fill because everyone knows the owners might give the GM the axe after next season. That of course would generally mean the new manager got the axe as well. Nonetheless there are a few moves that they can make and hope that it makes a difference.

I have chosen five players that I believe the Mariners can do without. They may have a ton more turnover than that and then again they may try to bring almost everyone back. Who knows what will happen for these guys. At least we all know that the $20MM that they will spend next season on Felix Hernandez is going towards their second best pitcher on the staff, which is not to say he isn’t great. Please feel free to leave a comment below after you see what my opinion is.

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5 – Brandon Maurer

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One thing that they could work on here is solidifying the pitching staff. To do that, they need to send Maurer on his way. He had a very high ERA in 2013 and has had a high ERA for his entire minor league career as well. It is time to give someone else a chance at this guy.

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4 – Endy Chavez

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Chavez just doesn’t really strike me as the best they can get for his particular role. He isn’t going to start so honestly there is little reason to spend resources on him any further past this season.

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3 – Henry Blanco

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Blanco is one of my very favorite veteran catchers but I think it is about time for him to take on a different role. If he sticks around as a player it probably need to be with someone besides the Mariners.

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2 – Joe Saunders

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Saunders is an innings eater which is worth a lot but it isn’t worth a 5.26 ERA and 16 losses on the record. If they had another few years of his contract in control then maybe but with him being a free agent there is no reason to re-sign him with a couple of solid young pitchers coming along.

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1 – Raul Ibanez

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Ibanez is one of my very favorite guys in the game of baseball. Having said that, I think he really should be the odd man out between he and Kendrys Morales at the DH spot. What they need to do is find a younger more consistent guy for that role and trade Morales after signing another one year deal. Regardless, Ibanez has at least another year left in him so I hope he signs somewhere great, just not with the Mariners.