Arizona Diamondbacks: Shin-Soo Choo A Brilliant Fit For The Right Price

By Randy Holt
Shin-Soo Choo
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks are an organization that find themselves at something of a crossroads. After a couple of disappointing seasons, both of which saw them fail to reach the playoffs, the Diamondbacks will head into next year with their coaching staff fighting for their jobs, and perhaps several of their players as well.

Which means they could be a pretty active team as far as both the free agent and trade markets are concerned. There are additions that will be necessary for this team to make, particularly on this pitching staff, both at least one or two bats to the lineup as well. One of those bats will likely be an impact left-handed bat.

When you look at the free agent class for this winter, it isn’t anything overly impressive. It’s a pretty thin group overall, which means players that don’t necessarily deserve hefty contracts will get them. Shin-Soo Choo is a perfect example of that, as he could see a deal that reaches nine figures.

If the Diamondbacks are willing to shell out that kind of dough, and the price doesn’t get too out of control, then there is a brilliant fit to be made here. Choo will likely serve as a fit for several teams, but he’s the ideal player for what the Diamondbacks would look to add to their roster this winter.

Choo is a solid glove in the outfield, capable of playing all three positions. More importantly, he gets on base and can bring an impact bat to the mix. Even more importantly, he’s a left-handed bat. That’s one of the primary goals for this front office is to add a bit of power from that side of the plate.

Typically good for about 20 or so home runs, Choo got on base at a .423 clip in 2013, his first year in the National League. His career average, per 162 games, is a .389 OBP, along with exactly 20 home runs. He’d be an absolutely perfect fit in the desert. Whether or not he finds the Diamondbacks appealing, and whether or not the price is reasonable, both remain to be seen, however.

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