Los Angeles Dodgers: Getting Long Overdue Defensive Love

By Michael Pidgeon
LA Dodgers Infield
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Dodgers are discussed, the talk is generally about this solid lineup or pitching rotation. No one seems to ever want to talk about their solid defense because quite frankly, defense just isn’t as fun to talk about as offense. Don’t get me wrong though, defense does get some attention. During the season, we see defensive highlights nightly on Sportscenter’s Top 10 or Baseball Tonight’s Web Gems, but most conversations don’t start with defense.

With the finalists announced for this year’s Gold Glove awards, almost the entire infield of the Dodgers are on the list. Catcher A.J. Ellis, first basemen Adrian Gonzalez, second basemen Mark Ellis and third basemen Juan Uribe all have a chance to win a Gold Glove. It would be Uribe and both Ellis’ first-ever Gold Glove award. Gonzalez has a few already, but another one wouldn’t hurt.

It doesn’t end there though, because even starting pitcher and co-ace Zack Greinke is a finalist and has a chance to win his first Gold Glove as well.

The Dodgers’ solid defense doesn’t just stop there. Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier all have a Gold Glove already, and Yasiel Puig has a great chance to win at least one, if not more during his career if he continues playing hard in the outfield and cuts down on a few boneheaded mistakes. Hanley Ramirez hasn’t won an award yet, but in the world of sports, we should never say never.

So the next time someone wants to spark up a conversation about the Dodgers, their solid lineup isn’t the only thing work talking about. Maybe, just maybe, someone will finally say “yeah their lineup is good, but their defense could be even better”.

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