New York Yankees Rumors: Don't Target Stephen Drew

By James O'Hare


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Alright Brian Cashman, I’m talking to you. There are rumors the New York Yankees might be interested in Stephen Drew as a potential shortstop/third baseman depending on Derek Jeter’s ability to play and Alex Rodriguez’s eligibility to play.

This is not a good idea. Do not attempt to sign Stephen Drew.

First of all, he’s going to cost too much money. If the Boston Red Sox make him a qualifying offer, he’ll probably receive around $12 million a year. Which means the Yankees will have to offer more than that to acquire him. There is no way they can spend that much money for an insurance policy, especially after the way he’s hit this postseason.

Drew batted .133 in the ALDS, .095 in the ALCS and is currently batting .143 (and falling) in the World Series. Poor postseason performance is the reason Nick Swisher lost favor with the Yankees. Why would it be any different with Drew? True, the postseason is a small sample size on which to base a contract, but performing in October is what being a Yankee is all about.

What is more, by signing Drew the Yankees will continue a self-destructive cycle. If Boston makes a qualifying offer for Drew and the Yankees sign him, the Yankees forfeit their first-round draft pick to the Red Sox. Guess how the Yankees got into their current predicament — they spent too much money on aging free agents. The Red Sox went from worst to first in the AL East in one year because they developed home-grown talent through one of the deepest farm systems in baseball.

The Yankees cannot overpay for a veteran who won’t even have a guaranteed spot and lose a draft pick to their greatest rival in the process. They’re better off devoting money towards keeping their All-Star second baseman and signing a catcher who can actually hit and who doesn’t allow a passed ball on every other pitch.

If the Yankees want insurance in the infield, Brendan Ryan will only cost about $1MM and they still have Eduardo Nunez who’s still on his rookie contract. Are you listening Cashman? Stephen Drew is not the answer for the Yankees in the infield. He’ll only continue the problems.

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