2013 World Series: Baseball Rules Apply No Matter The Stage

By Sara Lefebvre
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals celebrated and the Boston Red Sox argued as World Series Game 3 ended historically odd. Obstruction was called immediately by third-base umpire Jim Joyce, and it was clear that Allen Craig would’ve scored on the play, had he not been tripped up by Will Middlebrooks.

Red Sox manager John Farrell thinks it’s a shame that such a big game can end on an umpire’s call like that. Jake Peavy calls it a joke. There isn’t a special rule book for this; the same rules apply to all baseball games, whether they be in spring training or the WS. The umpires called it right.

Instead of questioning the call, the Red Sox should be questioning themselves. Why did Jarrod Saltalamacchia throw to third at all? His team had been burned by just such a throw in the previous game. Why didn’t Middlebrooks come off the bag to catch or at least block the throw? He wasn’t going to get the out, Craig was already there. Why were his arms suddenly so weak that he pushed up at least three times while “trying” to get out of the way? Dustin Pedroia had just made a diving catch and popped right up to nail Yadier Molina at the plate. Middlebrooks was like the old lady in the commercial — “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” He should be considered for an Oscar.

It’s a shame that the game ended in such a way. As Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington likes to say, “That’s how baseball goes.” You think you’ve seen everything, then you see something you’ve never seen before. Both teams will move on from this and play out the series, and the umpires will enforce the same rules no matter the stage.

Sara Lefebvre is a St Louis Cardinals writer for RantSports.com. Connect with her on Google.

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