Allen Craig Wins Game For St. Louis Cardinals, But Could Be Back On The Shelf

By Devin O'Barr
Allen Craig
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Craig was the hero in the St. Louis Cardinals‘ Game 3 victory over the Boston Red Sox. However, the All-Star first baseman may be back on the shelf after a very awkward slide to cap off one of the most dramatic World Series games in MLB history.

Now, this possible injury is something that has been swept under the rug considering the craziness of the last play of the game, yet Craig’s health shouldn’t be taken lightly. Keep in mind that Craig limped off of the field with the help off his coaches and didn’t celebrate with the members of the team.

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Oddly enough, Craig claimed after the game that he wasn’t able to get off on his own power because his ankle was sore, but that doesn’t exactly sound believable at this point. While Craig could be telling the truth and remain a right-handed bat off of the Cardinals’ bench moving forward, it’s more likely that the Redbirds will be forced to replace Craig on the World Series roster. Here are the rules when it comes to removing a player off of the roster: Craig can only be removed from St. Louis’ World Series roster if MLB deems the injury severe enough that it would warrant a stint on the disabled-list if said injury occurred in the regular season.

Another side-note is the fact that Craig was hit with Jarrod Saltalamacchia‘s errant throw to third base, which could result in some sort of right arm contusion for Craig.

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