The Pressure Is On For The 2014 Miami Marlins

By J.S.Cruz
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Marlins president David Samson cannot be shorter in stature, yet he had words bigger than him for his team in 2014.

No one seemed to have heard him well, or at all, when the World Series was on its peak, but he predicted on Thursday, during a media conference to announce the first Miami Beach Bowl at Marlins Park, that the Marlins will make the post-season next year.

The Marlins just had their second 100-loss season. In fact, the franchise has not had back-to-back 100-loss seasons, something like the streak the Houston Astros have going with three consecutive 100-loss seasons. However, the Marlins had the second worst winning percentage in its history, playing poorly for 383 percent.

The other season when the Marlins lost more than 100 games was in 1998, and they did not have a winning season until 2003 when they won the World Series.

The core of the 2013 Marlins, the core that the team did not enjoy the whole season, will be intact for 2014. With a young starting rotation, a defined anchor, and the rest of four men in it ready for their break up season, it looks the team is closer to a moment like that of 2003.

But this momentum could be stopped by the Marlins’ lineup, which is still in the making. Opponents can’t only be afraid of Giancarlo Stanton. To make the play off next season, Samson must better buy stature for the team’s line-up before saying, “I expect we’ll have several appearances as one of 10 [playoff] teams.”

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