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5 Players the Toronto Blue Jays Could Sever Ties With This Offseason

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5 Players the Toronto Blue Jays Could Sever Ties With This Offseason

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The Toronto Blue Jays will most likely not make too much noise during this offseason, as they still seem to be confident that they can contend for a playoff berth at the very least in 2014. However, even though this confidence does still exist, that doesn't mean that General Manager Alex Anthopoulos won't choose to relieve some people of their duties in Toronto.

Even though it is unlikely for him to pull the trigger on another complete makeover, as far as Anthopoulos is concerned, nobody's job in Toronto is safe. He listens to all offers all the time. There are a few players on the Blue Jays roster that have proven to be nothing but problems when it comes to putting up consistent numbers.

Even though they do have a lot of star power on paper, the Blue Jays roster also consists of a number of pretenders at key positions on the field. There are a number of available players around the league that would suit the Blue Jays' style of play rather than a number of underachievers that don't seem to want to get better.

Players such as those care more about their image than anything else, and it's too bad that they can't feed their egos with solid play rather than just securing a spot on the roster. As Ricky Romero found out last year one good year isn't enough to be a go-to guy, and fans of the Blue Jays should hope that the same approach is taken with those players that need to be held accountable for lackluster play.

The Blue Jays have the opportunity to erase the terrible season that was had by them in 2013 by finally living up to their expectations next season. Although still boasting a good amount of confidence for 2014, here are 5 players that the Blue Jays may choose to sever ties with this offseason.

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5. Colby Rasmus

Colby Rasmus
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Colby Rasmus showed a supreme amount of power upon his return from injury in September before landing on the DL once again to end his season. Right now his trade value is high, and with Anthony Gose looking like he is coming into his own as an impactful baseball player, the Blue Jays may choose to shop Rasmus.

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4. Casey Janssen

Casey Janssen
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Although Casey Janssen had a stellar season as the Blue Jays closer, he could potentially find himself in another uniform come March. Sergio Santos looked great towards the end of the season and could make a case for taking the closer spot from Janssen. Therefore, the Blue Jays could afford to shop Janssen in hopes of getting another solid arm for the bullpen or perhaps a mid-rotation starter.

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3. Jose Bautista

Jose Bautista
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Yes, this could be a long shot, but Jose Bautista's job isn't necessarily safe in Toronto. His contract is an affordable one for a lot of teams around baseball, and Anthopoulos may believe he has enough firepower on his lineup to put up runs even without Bautista while at the same time wanting to once again strengthen his rotation. It seems hard to believe, but Bautista could find himself elsewhere come Spring Training.

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2. Ricky Romero

Ricky Romero
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Ricky Romero's potential dismissal doesn't necessarily come down to trying to strengthen the club. This would be more about removing a problem in the clubhouse. Romero believes he is much better than he really is and and won't accept the fact that he can't be the ace of a major league pitching staff. It just can't happen, let alone him filling in at the back-end of a rotation. He needs to go for the well-being of everyone else.

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1. J.P. Arencibia

J.P. Arencibia
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Similar to Romero's situation, J.P. Arencibia is probably the most overrated catcher in all of baseball. For some reason he seems to be fine with hitting 20 home runs a season while hitting below .200. Arencibia is the prime example of a ball player that lacks accountability for his poor play. The Blue Jays need a proper catcher that knows how to call a proper game from behind the plate. Unfortunately for Arencibia, he isn't the guy for the job. Considering the fact that Anthopoulos tried to deal him last year in the R.A. Dickey deal with the New York Mets, Arencibia's days in Toronto may be numbered.