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Kolten Wong Is Sorry, But There’s No Place For Apologizing and Crying In Baseball

Kolten Wong MLB: World Series-Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals

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Kolten Wong made MLB postseason history in the worst possible way on Sunday night. He became the first player to ever get picked off to end a game. The 23-year old did the one thing that he couldn’t do in that situation. Would the St. Louis Cardinals have pulled off another dramatic comeback if he hadn’t been tagged out at first base? Probably not, but we’ll also never know.

So now the harsh reality has sunk in for Wong and the Cardinals. The World Series is knotted at two games a piece and it’s a whole new series. As you’d imagine, Wong took his blunder extremely hard. He explained himself after the game, fighting back tears the entire time.

I get it, I’d be absolutely distraught if I was in his situation, but there’s just no place for apologizing and crying in baseball. There’s also no excuse for the moronic fans who have been threatening him on Twitter, but I completely get their frustration. You just can’t get picked off to end a World Series game (or any game for that matter).

I sort of feel for Wong. His situation is a terrible one. But he has no other choice but to suck it up and move on. All the crying and apologizing in the world won’t change what happened. If the Cardinals don’t win the WS, his name will be linked to the all-time bonehead plays in baseball history, whether it’s fair or not. People are calling him a pro for standing up and answering every question after the game. But at the same time, pro baseball players don’t get picked off to end a World Series game.

Wong screwed up, badly. For it, he shouldn’t see the field again in the Fall Classic. Better luck next year, kid.


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