St. Louis Cardinals Must Start Intentionally Walking David Ortiz

By Aaron Charles
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals need to stop pitching to David Ortiz. The fact he was eight for 11 with four walks, and five RBI coming into the game should have been a clue that they should make someone else beat them. Granted, intentionally walking someone with one out in the first inning sounds a little crazy, but not crazier than Ortiz’ numbers in the series. He is not known for his speed and first base was open — Adam Wainwright should’ve walked him.

Big Papi’s RBI double in the first inning on Monday night set the tone for the Boston Red Sox’ victory, and it could have been avoided if the Cards had swallowed their pride and walked him. Ortiz finished the day three for four with an RBI, and St. Louis is very lucky his bat only accounted for one run.

You’d be a fool to think one of the greatest clutch hitters in MLB history will be slowing down for Game 6 and possible Game 7 of the World Series. Hopefully the Cards have learned their lesson. If there are runners in scoring position and first base is open, it doesn’t matter how may outs there are, you must walk Big Papi.

Maybe Mike Matheny didn’t want to insult the veteran Wainwright, but when youngster Michael Wacha takes the mound Wednesday night in Boston, they need to take the bat out of his hands with runners in scoring position. With the series on the line at Fenway Park, if Matheny does something as dumb as letting Ortiz’ hit in a crucial situation, he will be remembered for it.

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