2014 MLB Free Agency: Predicting Where Top 25 Players Will Land

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Destinations For Top 25 MLB Free Agents

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The World Series is currently in full swing, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to free agency.

There are many huge names that are about to become free agents. Some will be steals for the right team and some will get overpaid because of a desperate franchise. This free agency picture is near impossible to predict, but I have taken the task head-on anyway.

There is word that the New York Yankees have a $300 million plan in this year's free agency period. The Boston Red Sox will be losing a good number of free agents from a World Series team. The Pittsburgh Pirates want to spend money to get themselves back to the postseason after a magical season. The Los Angeles Dodgers seem to have an unlimited amount of money to spend. There are many teams that will be in on every free agent.

There are more free agents this season than could fit on this list. Like every season, Spring Training will see a lot of new faces on different teams. Some will be significant and other will not have a great run. Either way, there is going to be a lot of money thrown around this season.

One significant name is Masahiro Tanaka. I will give you that one for free and tell you that he looks to be going to the Chicago Cubs. He was left out due to the risk of overseas players. For every Hyun-Jin Ryu, there is a Kei Igawa.

The free agency period will be fun to watch. For most teams, this could be as fun as a playoff series.

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25. Stephen Drew

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Stephen Drew is an interesting case on this list. He is inept offensively, which will keep some teams away, but his exceptional defense makes him a must-start on a lot of teams. He has saved runs for the Red Sox in this World Series. He will find a home, but not for a ton of money. Look for the Washington Nationals to possibly give him a shot after the Danny Espinosa experiment flamed out in the nation's capital.

Destination: Washington Nationals

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24. Scott Kazmir

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There is speculation that Ubaldo Jimenez will void his contract, but since that is not a guarantee, we will put fellow bounce-back player Scott Kazmir here. He will not cost much, so that gives some of the low-paying teams a chance to bid on him. Look for the prudent Oakland Athletics to make a move on him.

Destination: Oakland Athletics

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23. Mike Napoli

Red Sox
Eileen Blass-USA TODAY

Mike Napoli is one of the many Red Sox players who will be testing free agency after the World Series. He will be one that will not be back. He is expendable with so many players at that first base/designated hitter position on this team. He may be a player that the Colorado Rockies will look to replace their franchise player Todd Helton with.

Destination: Colorado Rockies

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22. Fernando Rodney

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The closer's market is not filled with talent. That is going to make Fernando Rodney a ton of money. The Baltimore Orioles saw this year that Jim Johnson is not the answer. They will dish out a double-whammy in signing Rodney and taking him from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Destination: Baltimore Orioles

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21. Hiroki Kuroda

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Hiroki Kuroda was again a big surprise this season. Too bad it didn't last for the stretch run. Over the last two months, Kuroda pitched to an ERA over five. The Yankees need a player who will be great all season and not fall off at the end. This may be the end of the Kuroda era in MLB.

Destination: N/A (Retirement)

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20. Michael Morse

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Michael Morse did not have a good season last year. He had a great 2011, and a great first half of 2012 before a major injury happened. In 2013, He seemed to be missing some of the abilities that makes him a major league player. He will get a chance to find his stroke with the Houston Astros. It will not be for much money, but he will be able to get his power numbers up in Minute Maid Park.

Destination: Houston Astros

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19. Dan Haren

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Dan Haren was awful to start the season. His last two months, however, were very good. He won't be an expensive asset, but he will be an asset. The New York Mets will give him a shot with the loss of Matt Harvey.

Destination: New York Mets

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18. A.J. Pierzynski

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A.J. Piezynski did not cash in on a multi-year deal after a career year with the White Sox in 2012. He was still solid for the Texas Rangers last season. He will most likely get another one-year deal. He will be used to replace Brian McCann in Atlanta until one of their prospects is ready to start.

Destination: Atlanta Braves

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17. Josh Johnson

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There will always be a place for a fireballer in baseball, even if he is injury-prone. He went over to Toronto in their huge trade with the Miami Marlins. After a 6.20 ERA in the AL East, Josh Johnson will want to try his luck in the National League again. He will go to the Pittsburgh Pirates after they lose a similar pitcher in A.J. Burnett.

Destination: Pittsburgh Pirates

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16. Curtis Granderson

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It is almost certain that the Yankees plan to look elsewhere beyond Curtis Granderson for offensive help. After a injury took out half of his season, his batting average continued to tumble. He had two straight 40-home run seasons, so he will get paid. Expect him to bring his offense to the St Louis Cardinals.

Destination: St. Louis Cardinals

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15. Carlos Beltran

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There is word that Carlos Beltran would like to play for the Yankees before his career is through. Unfortunately for him, it doesn't look like they want to shell out that kind of money for an aging outfielder who plays very little defense. He will get paid though. He will also see the Yanks a lot during the season.

Destination: Boston Red Sox

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14. David Murphy

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David Murphy seems to be overlooked on the free agent market right now. He had a career year in 2012, and the exact opposite in 2013. The Rangers will bring back the fan favorite and hope he can get back to form.

Destination: Texas Rangers

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13. Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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In a weak market for catchers, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going to get a big contract somewhere. He hit over 50 points better in his average. He hit less home runs, but was on base much more. A team trying to make a splash will get involved and start behind the plate. Look for the other Sox to make a move on him.

Destination: Chicago White Sox

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12. Ervin Santana

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Ervin Santana will follow the money. His career has been inconsistent. He needs to find a team willing to take a serious chance. The Milwaukee Brewers are desperate to get back into the race for the NL Central. Santana will look to help them.

Destination: Milwaukee Brewers

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11. Shin-Soo Choo

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Shin Soo Choo will get some serious dough after his awesome season with the Cincinnati Reds. He is going to have many suitors on the market. The fact that Dusty Baker is no longer with the team could hurt the Reds' chance of re-signing the leadoff man. He will be a surprise signing by the Kansas City Royals as they continue to try to change the culture there.

Destination: Kansas City Royals

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10. Jacoby Ellsbury

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Jacoby Ellsbury may be the cream of the free agent crop outside of Cano. He is going to command over $20 million per season. A team who is trying to make a splash will shell out big bucks for him. The Seattle Mariners are looking to get a star after sending Ichiro Suzuki out of town.

Destination: Seattle Mariners

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9. Matt Garza

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Matt Garza is an interesting player. He may be the diamond in the rough in a weak free agent class of pitchers. Many teams are going to be looking to upgrade their pitching. The Yankees will be the no. 1 suitor for his skills. With his pedigree from the AL East, the Yankees will take a chance on Garza.

Destination: New York Yankees

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8. Bartolo Colon

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Bartolo Colon once again silenced critics with his play for the AL West-winning Oakland A's. He is going to look for a one-year deal in his age-40 season. He won't get a ton of money with the third-strike steroid policy over his head, but a team will take a chance on him with his 2.65 ERA. The Toronto Blue Jays need to win now. They think he can help turn their pitching staff around.

Destination: Toronto Blue Jays

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7. Jhonny Peralta

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Jhonny Peralta is another player who missed part of the season due to the Biogenesis scandal. He definitely hurt his value due to the suspension. There is a team that will give him enough money to make him happy. The Pittsburgh Pirates would love to have his bat in the season. He doesn't even have to move far.

Destination: Pittsburgh Pirates

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6. A.J. Burnett

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A.J. Burnett has always been a weird guy. He said he is choosing between the Pirates and retirement. That just doesn't seem feasible with so much money to be made. I honestly think that Burnett pulls a Roger Clemens and does not sign with a team right away. He may get that itch to come back around April and be ready for the end of May.

Destination: Pittsburgh Pirates

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5. Ricky Nolasco

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Ricky Nolasco had a great start to his tenure in Los Angeles, but it sure didn't end well. His last four starts in Dodger blue will spell the end of his time there. He is going to stick to the area and take a job with the San Diego Padres to be their top-of-the-rotation guy. He could get more money elsewhere, but I think he wants to be the guy somewhere.

Destination: San Diego Padres

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4. Nelson Cruz

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Nelson Cruz may have overstayed his welcome in Texas. When he decided to take his 50-game suspension rather than fighting it, he angered some in the front office. It is safe to say he will go somewhere else now that it is behind him. He will get a qualifying offer, but he will not say yes. He is going to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. They need a right-handed bat to go with that lineup. He will provide the outfield power they have been looking for.

Destination: Philadelphia Phillies

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3. Corey Hart

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Corey Hart has already claimed that he will take a discount to return to the Brewers. He will indeed get a contract from the only team he has ever known. Even though he missed all of last season, he will bounce back in 2014.

Destination: Milwaukee Brewers

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2. Brian McCann

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Brian McCann departing is going to be a hard pill to swallow for Atlanta Braves fans one year after losing hero Chipper Jones. The Braves are not going to re-sign their longtime catcher. He is going to get big money on a weak catcher's market. Expect the Yankees to jump on the chance to get a solid catcher after Russell Martin left last season.

Destination: New York Yankees

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1. Robinson Cano

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Robinson Cano is easily the best free agent on the market this offseason. He is going to get a crazy large contract. He is looking for something in the range of $300 million. He may not get that, but the Chicago Cubs are going to make sure he is paid.

Destination: Chicago Cubs