New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez's Appeal Keeps Getting More Dramatic

By Michael Portman
Alex Rodriguez
Noah K. Murray- USA TODAY Sports

The question every New York Yankees fan is asking themselves right now is: Will we see Alex Rodriguez on the diamond in 2014? To be honest, no one exactly knows what is going on. There are so many factors to this case. From Major League Baseball to all of the different court filings, the drama just piles on. Originally, Major League Baseball handed Rodriguez a 211-game suspension. Instead of accepting the suspension, he decided to appeal it, thus allowing him to play the rest of the season. Now, his appeal won’t be heard until November 18, worrying the Yankees organization and their fans.

As said earlier, the drama just piles on. Just recently announced, MLB has filed a petition in Manhattan’s Supreme Court claiming A-Rod’s former PR representative, Michael Sitrick, decided to not hand over documents that baseball gathered as evidence to use in their case against the ballplayer. In other words, MLB proclaims A-Rod is obstructing the investigation and his lawyers are covering for him. A-Rod’s lawyer defended the player, saying documents relating to the Biogenesis clinic were never bought by Rodriguez and he had “turned down many offers” from various individuals. When this situation is finally put into a trial, all hell is going to break loose.

The problem for the Yankees organization is what should they do during this process? Should they go about with other business and try their best to stay away from this situation, or should they take action? General Manager Brian Cashman says he’s going to go along with his business because technically Rodriguez is an eligible player. As fans, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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