Did San Diego Padres Make Right Call Trading Colt Hynes?

By Michael Terrill
Did San Diego Padres Make Right Call Trading Colt Hynes
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres traded rookie relief pitcher Colt Hynes to the Cleveland Indians for cash on Thursday. Considering the organization will be in the market for left-handed pitching in the offseason, did the Padres do the right thing making the deal?

The fact is Hynes was on his way out as he was recently designated for assignment. That did not mean it is impossible for him to make an appearance in the big leagues in 2014. However, it was probably not in the cards unless San Diego found a need for him once again.

In my opinion, the Padres did make the right decision to get some money for him.

Hynes posted a 9.00 earned run average and 13 strikeouts in 22 appearances in his first season in the big leagues. Even though his numbers were fantastic in the minors in 2013, he simply did not transition well to the majors.

Obviously, it is never a good sign when a team that is in need of left-handers in the bullpen options one of them for assignment. It was quite clear Hynes was not going to make any exceptional impact in the near future for the Padres. If he was, he was certainly going to have to wait for another opportunity down the road.

At this point, the best thing for both parties was to part ways. Hynes will get a new start with the Indians where he might get a chance to prove his worth. Meanwhile, San Diego will now be able to look at another minor league pitcher who will take Hynes’ place.

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