How Did Boston Red Sox Complete Best Turnaround Season In Sports History?

By Ryan Wenzell
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox‘ story of redemption is perhaps the best that the sports world has ever seen. This time last year, the Red Sox were playing golf. They had just gone through a disastrous 2012 campaign with woeful manager Bobby Valentine leading them into the AL East cellar, with more controversy surrounding the club than ever before.

That moment seems like forever ago. To say this is a 360-degree turnaround would be the understatement of the century. The Sox and new GM Ben Cherington totally overhauled the ball club. They specifically looked for glue guys — not necessarily the most talented players, but clubhouse types that the organization knew they would get 100 percent out of each and every night.

They struck gold with guys like Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino and of course Koji Uehera, who they would not have won a world championship without. Kudos has to be given all around, whether it’s to Cherington or new manager John Farrell, who has an aura and presence about him that commands a locker room unlike his predecessors.

Finally, credit must be given to the players, including stars like David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia, who stuck  through the tough times only to be rewarded with a world title.

All of the organization’s patience and shrewd moves culminated in the Red Sox’ eighth world title, and the first championship the city of Boston got to witness since 1918. My money is on no one in that stadium being alive or even having remembered the last time the Sox won the ultimate prize in front of their fans.

They have that memory now. One to cherish forever thanks to the Red Sox’ resiliency as an organization and team. Boston strong indeed.

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