Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Team Will Be Aggressive In Search For Outfield Help

By Zach Morrison
Giancarlo Stanton
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports writes that the Philadelphia Phillies could be very active in the market for outfielders over the offseason. For anyone that follows baseball, hearing that the Phillies and their general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. are going to be aggressive should come as no surprise. Amaro has been very aggressive in his time with the Phillies, and if you ask me, he has been far too aggressive. He has been very irresponsible when giving aging players long-term extensions that cripple the team moving forward, specifically the Ryan Howard contract.

The Phillies should do the smart thing and rebuild, but it sure looks like they will be trying to sign a major free agent or make a blockbuster trade to upgrade their outfield. Obvious names that come to mind in free agency are Shin-Soo ChooCurtis Granderson, Jacoby Ellsbury and Nelson Cruz.

One would have to think that the Phillies’ top target wouldn’t even come from free agency. You all know who I’m talking about — a certain powerful right-handed hitter that hits baseballs very far on a fairly frequent basis. Giancarlo Stanton, you may have heard of him. While the Miami Marlins have said several times that they aren’t all that interested in moving him, they have to at least listen to offers for him. The Phillies are the type of instant-gratification organization that would basically trade their entire farm system for Stanton. However, I’m not sure the Phillies even have the right prospects to acquire Stanton. They don’t exactly have the deepest of farm systems, thanks in large part to Amaro trading them all away in recent seasons.

One thing is for sure, when Amaro and the Phillies want something, they tend to find a way to get it. Sure, it doesn’t look like they have the right pieces to make a play for Stanton, but no one should be shocked if he is a member of the Phillies in 2014.

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