Should The Philadelphia Phillies Have Kept Shane Victorino?

By Rebekah Milsted
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was one to remember for former Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino. He won his second World Series ring in five years and contributed with key offensive hits. The city of Philadelphia was happy for him, but could not go without raising the question, why did general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. decide to trade him? Should Victorino still be in a Phillies uniform?

There is no doubt that Victorino was a fan favorite. He knew how to get the crowd going and easily became the heart of the team. He felt for the fans if the team was losing and would do anything to get the team energized and winning.

Victorino was not just a fan favorite, although he had talent. He played with the Phillies from 2005 until 2011. From that time, he never had a batting average under .250 and most of the time hit close to .290. Victorino brought seed to the bases, which the Phillies always need, especially this season as they barely scored any runs. He was an RBI machine, as each season he hit over 50. Although Victorino was not a power hitter, he did hit more than a few homeruns.

Victorino is a player who the Phillies should have kept. The team could have used him this season, as they had to have a competition for the outfield as they only had one player with a full season under their belt, which was Ben Revere. He knew how to play the game well and certainly was clutch. He brought great energy which seemed to be missing this season.

Victorino will always be remembered in Philadelphia as he will always remember his time here. I am sure last night Amaro was rethinking his decision about trading Victorino. Maybe in the future we will see him here again.

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