Why Did Milwaukee Brewers CF Carlos Gomez Deserve to be Awarded Gold Glove?

By Michael Terrill
Why Did Carlos Milwaukee Brewers Gomez Deserve to be Awarded Gold Glove
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Center fielder Carlos Gomez is the first player to win a Gold Glove at any position for the Milwaukee Brewers in 31 years. As long as it has been, there is no one more deserving of the impressive honor.

Obviously, Gomez is ecstatic about receiving the award. Even though everyone inside and outside of the Brewers organization knew the 27-year-old was a lock to be the center fielder recipient of the Gold Glove in the National League, it is still great to hear it be confirmed.

“That made me feel more excited and proud of myself,” Gomez said, according to Brewers.com. “I give something to the organization, to the Milwaukee Brewers, that they didn’t have for [31] years. This is the organization that made me the player that I am right now.”

And what a player he has turned into. The New York Mets and Minnesota Twins had such high hopes for the seven-year veteran. To see a player with incredible speed struggle to get on base was too much to handle, which is why both organizations gave up on him. However, the Brewers believed in his ability. It might have taken a bit longer than expected but they still believed he could do amazing things at the plate and in the outfield.

The most impressive statistic for Gomez this season is most likely the five home runs he robbed. Each one was unbelievable in its own right. Not to mention, he gave Milwaukee’s pitchers all the confidence in the world that if they slipped up they would have the best center fielder in the league to bail them out.

Another equally as impressive statistic is the 4.6 defensive wins above replacement Gomez recorded in 2013, which ranked second in all of baseball. He also was first in the big leagues with a 24.4 Ultimate Zone Rating, which is a number that indicates Gomez successfully converted balls that came into his zone into outs. The Brewers’ MVP managed to post a .988 fielding percentage and 2.92 range factor along the way.

It is awesome to see Gomez have the accolades to go along with his success this year. Hopefully, he will be able to build on the terrific performance next season.

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