2013 Boston Red Sox: A Team About Redemption

By Carter Roane
Mark L.Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Now it can finally be said. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions. I don’t think that there was a single person out there who could have predicted that this event would have happened this year. If you did, you need to be working in Las Vegas somewhere because you would be making a killing.

It was thought that if Boston could just be a little better in 2013, then that would be a huge improvement over the debacle of 2012. However, Boston surprised the world and managed to be the last team standing. They won back every single one of their fans that they had alienated, they made a fan base fall in love with them all over again and they showed that if you work really hard toward a goal, anything is possible.

It’s easy to feel good about the guys like Jacoby Ellsbury, David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia, how can you not like how John Lackey has turned his career around; one can’t help but think about the guys who were there last year through all the ridiculousness and aren’t there to celebrate. Mike Aviles and Cody Ross are two guys who come to mind. They would have fit in really well with this team, but it just wasn’t meant to be and, of course, Aviles was traded for John Farrell.

Alfredo Aceves is another player you can’t help but think about. He will get a ring surely for at least being on the team for a little while this year, but if he hadn’t acted the way he did, he could have been a really invaluable arm out of that bullpen. How about those guys that got traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers? All the talent in the world in those players, but the chemistry just wasn’t right.

And finally, one has to think about Bobby Valentine. All of last year wasn’t entirely his fault and he did make some good moves. However, all people will think is how bad he looked compared to Farrell and how good he looked this season. It could be really hard for Valentine to ever get another job in the MLB.

Boston really rose out of the ashes and put together one of the most improbable and unexpected championships runs that we have ever seen. Welcome back, Red Sox.

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