Detroit Tigers Need To Pick New Manager Quickly

By Brent Smith
Robert Deutsch- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are treating the search for a new manager a lot like if they were on “The Bachelor”. Seemingly 500 men are all attempting to woo the Tigers organization with each week a dragged out, make out session in the pool affair. Okay so Dave Dombrowski may not be making out with each interview candidate, but the point is the Tigers are missing out on prospective managers and free agent players with each day their search drags on. Due diligence is a noble concept, but in today’s world of sports there is just no luxury to take time. The Tigers are unsettled in the front which means their entire team is unsettled currently with no real path set in front of it.

No question the new manager is going to be one of the biggest challenges this offseason so it deserves the utmost attention, but no other problem can really be put in place yet until this piece is put in. And let’s face it, it is driving every single Tigers fan crazy with the constant peppering of rumor stories. If I read one more suggestion on a message board about Victor Martinez being a player/manager I may have to unplug my computer for the rest of time. It’s like when a person loses a job, you need to find another one quickly or you start to eat Doritos in your underwear watching “Price is Right” with no hope of ever being employable again. The Tigers need to go put clothes on.

Hopefully within the next week we will know the Tigers new manager because there are huge questions with the players that need to start being seriously discussed. Everyone loses when job searches are dragged out too long, and the Tigers may not have reached that point yet but could easily get there the longer this plays out. It is time to hand that rose to the special someone and hope for the best.

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