New York Yankees Justified In Overpaying Derek Jeter For One More Year

By Andrew Fisher
Derek Jeter
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After missing 145 games this past season, the writing is most certainly on the wall for Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees. It’s been clear that the legendary shortstop wants to return in 2014, and now it’s been made official. The Captain signed a one-year/$12 million deal with the Yankees on Friday, in what will most certainly be his last with the team.

For any other player on any other team in the same situation, that would be a ridiculous deal. Paying a near 40-year old shortstop that can’t stay healthy $12  million dollars is just insane. But not when it comes to the Yankees and Jeter. First and foremost, the Steinbrenners can afford it. Secondly, it’s just the right thing to do. Even if the team has its doubts on whether Jeter can regain his prior form, they still made the right call to pay him and give him a shot to go out on top.

Even if Jeter can’t stay healthy and his career ends in sad fashion, he’s worth the money. The Yankees owe him at least one more lucrative contract. If nothing else, he’s worth it for all he’s done for the team. Jeter has been a staple in New York since 1996. When you think about the Yankees, Jeter is one of the first players that come to mind. He’s a class act and one of the few bright spots that played in the steroid era.

I have a feeling that even non-Yankee fans will be rooting for Jeter to go out on top (at least in some form) in 2014.


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