Oakland Athletics Should Sign Stephen Drew

By Michael Terrill
Oakland Athletics Should Sign Stephen Drew
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Oakland Athletics have three former Boston Red Sox players on the team already so it should not surprise anyone if more are added in 2014. One player in particular the Athletics should hone in on is free agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

There is no question Jed Lowrie produced for Oakland in 2013. In fact, the case can be made that he exceeded expectations with the organization. It is true that he is by far the better offensive player when compared to Drew. However, the recent World Series champion excels defensively in the field. For that reason, the Athletics must sign Drew and move Lowrie to second base.

The intelligent acquisition will upgrade two positions for the Athletics as they attempt to tweak the roster in order to make a run at a playoff berth in 2014. It is no secret second baseman Eric Sogard was a disappointment on offense. Oakland simply does not have time to hope for the best from certain players next season. They have a window of opportunity that must be acted upon, which is why Sogard must be replaced.

Drew and Lowrie would make an excellent team in the middle of the infield. Not to mention, both players have proven to be productive at the plate. Drew does not have the greatest batting average in baseball, but he definitely brings promising power to the position.

If the Athletics want to be serious about going the distance next season, these are the type of signings they will have to make in the winter.

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