Should Seattle Mariners Take Chance on Jason Vargas?

By Michael Terrill
Should Seattle Mariners Take Chance on Jason Vargas
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners have several areas of need that must be replenished in the offseason. One area in particular that could use an addition is the starting rotation, which is why the Mariners should consider taking another chance on Jason Vargas.

Obviously, ace Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma will command the top two spots in the rotation. However, Seattle must figure out how to upgrade spots three through five. The hope is that several top prospects will be able to fill the void in 2014. With that being said, it is certainly not a bad idea to pick up a veteran arm in free agency.

Vargas was phenomenal for Seattle in 2012. He would fit the role perfectly once again because he is someone that is going to eat up innings when he stays healthy. Every rotation needs a guy that is going to do that in order to save the bullpen. The 30-year-old is not going to tally a lot of strikeouts and his earned run average is going to consistently stay between 3.75 and 4.25. At least the Mariners are going to get what they pay for if they do decide to sign him.

The veteran presence will be important for a young pitching staff. Clearly, everyone looks up to Hernandez, while Iwakuma is someone other pitchers are going to come to for advice. However, another proven arm that has plenty of experience could be exactly what the rotation needs to improve in 2014.

Vargas posted a 9-8 record with a 4.02 ERA, 109 strikeouts, three complete games, two shutouts and 1.8 wins above replacement in 24 starts with the Los Angeles Angels the past season.

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