St. Louis Cardinals in No Condition for 2013 World Series

By Sara Lefebvre
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals did not seem ready for 2013 World Series Game 6 vs. the Boston Red Sox. Anyone looking closely at them would not believe that this was the biggest game of their season.

This is the third time in as many years that the Cardinals have been deep in the postseason. Perhaps they are getting tired of playing more games than most other teams. David Freese looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. Their bats were so heavy, they could barely get them off their shoulders. At times, they seemed to be sleepwalking. They displayed no energy, no excitement, no sense of urgency.

Fresh, young rookies helped the Cardinals get as far as they did. When it came to crunch time, and the veterans needed to step up, it seemed like they had nothing left to give. It was eerily similar to the way the Cardinals exited the NLCS last year vs. the San Francisco Giants, losing three games in a row.

Last year, Matt Holliday had a lot of off-field stuff on his mind. This year, Carlos Beltran injured his ribs in the first game of the series. Allen Craig was still recovering from his September 4 injury while trying to get up to WS game speed. These types of things do not explain away the lackluster play exhibited by the Cardinals.

Like every team, the Cardinals want to win it all every year. The last two years, though, they looked neither ready nor able to carry it through. They just seemed tired. If the excitement of the postseason doesn’t give your team the energy to perform at the highest level after a long regular season, it’s time to look into why.

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