5 Players The Washington Nationals Could Sever Ties With This Offseason

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5 Players Nationals Could Sever Ties With

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This offseason, the Washington Nationals don’t need to make very many changes to their team. While they have brought in a new manager, Matt Williams, everyone else on the team and coaching staff are pretty much good to go.

On paper, this team is still good enough to be as dominant as they were back in 2012 when they made the playoffs. They still have Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman and Stephen Strasburg, just to name a few.

So far in Matt Williams’ short stint as the team’s manager, he’s made some solid moves in letting go of bullpen coach Jim Lett and bringing in Matt LeCroy and Mark Weidemaier. LeCroy will take Lett’s spot in the bullpen and Weidemaier has been brought in to coach up the defensive side of the game.

In every offseason, you see teams make the tough decision to let players go and then replace them, whether it be through free agency or by trade. For the Nationals, they are no different. As of right now, there are five players that they could sever ties with this offseason and be just fine, or better off, in 2014.

Keep in mind, this is not a prediction list of players that I believe will be let go. This is more-so a list of players that the Nationals could ship away via a trade or let go to save some cap space. Are there any players that have been left off this list or that you’d replace with? Leave me a note in the comment box below to spark the debate.

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Dan Haren - Starting Pitcher

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Dan Haren is currently a free agent since he was only in Washington on a one-year, $13 million contract. After a dismal 10-14 record with 4.67 ERA showing in 2013, there is absolutely no reason why Washington should bring him back.

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Chad Tracy - First Baseman, Pinch Hitter

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Chad Tracy under-performed in 2013 and was not used nearly enough to bring him back for another year. Like Haren, his contract also expired following the season, so he’s currently a free agent. The pinch-hitting for the Nationals was so bad that they felt the need to trade with the Chicago Cubs for Scott Hairston back in July. Tracy’s performance didn’t get better as the season wore on, so it’s time to cut ties with the veteran.

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Drew Storen - Closer

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Drew Storen only got worse from his collapse in Game 5 of the NLCS in 2012. Things got so bad that he spent a stint in the minor leagues to regain his composure and find his game again. With Rafael Soriano and Tyler Clippard having solid seasons and plenty of young up and coming pitching, it’s time to cut ties with Storen.

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Ross Detwiler - Starting Pitcher

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Ross Detwiler is coming off of a season that was cut short due to a back injury. After having a solid 2012 campaign, 2013 was the year that Detwiler was supposed to breakout and take the MLB by storm. Instead, it fell way short of expectations, as he finished with a 2-7 record with a 4.04 ERA. Detwiler could be worth something in a package trade, but he’s disposable with the kind of cap room that the Nationals have and the kind of free agent pitchers that are available.

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Adam LaRoche - First Baseman

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Many have speculated that Adam LaRoche could be involved in some trade talk this offseason, and the Nationals would be okay if they were to trade him away. Especially if you put him in a package deal, the Nationals could get something good for LaRoche in return. LaRoche badly under-performed in 2013, finishing with a .237 batting average and just 20 home runs.

The only problem with cutting ties with LaRoche is that Tyler Moore is currently his backup at first base and doesn’t bat nearly well enough to become an everyday starter. Unless they feel confident in bringing up a minor leaguer, severing ties with LaRoche is risky.

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