As Free Agent Season Approaches, Will Philadelphia Phillies Re-Sign Carlos Ruiz?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the World Series ends, it means one thing to the other clubs: it is time to get ready to sign the free agents on the market. Before the Philadelphia Phillies can make any decisions, they have to decide if they want to re-sign any of their players who will be available. One of those players is catcher Carlos Ruiz. Before the market opens, will the Phillies make him an offer?

I believe it would be in the best interest for the Phillies to make Ruiz an offer. He may have started out the 2013 season slow when he came back for missing time due to using a banned substance. However, Ruiz eventually found his swing.

It seems that the Phillies are interested in offering Ruiz a deal and that he is a priority. If he is a priority, how come something has not already been done? If general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. wants to keep Ruiz, he has to come up with something quick. Once it is a free for all, Ruiz could be offered all sorts of deals and be snatched up before you know it. He may not be the best catcher in the league, but he is valuable.

Ruiz finished the season with an average of .268. He had 37 RBIs and five home runs. Ruiz is not a power hitter, but finds a way to get on base. He is clutch, as well.

Ruiz is also a strong arm to have behind the plate. He not only can catch base runners stealing, but he also knows how to call a good game for the pitchers. Ruiz may not seem like it, but he can do it all.

The Phillies need a player like Ruiz. He can drive in runs when they need it, has great defensive skills and is always there for the pitchers. What else can you ask for?

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