Detroit Tigers Declining Option on Jose Veras First Step in Repairing Bullpen

By Michael Terrill
Detroit Tigers Declining Option on Jose Veras First Step in Repairing Bullpen
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers will be in contention for a World Series berth in 2014, that much is known. What the team will look like that will get Detroit to where they want to go is unknown. With that being said, one thing that is for sure is the Tigers will need to rebuild the bullpen to be successful, and that process began after they declined the option of relief pitcher Jose Veras.

Everyone knew the bullpen was going to be the biggest question mark entering the season. It was an area that certainly had people in Detroit very concerned about the Tigers’ chances. However, the relievers actually worked pretty well together throughout the regular season. Unfortunately, that all came undone when it mattered most in the postseason.

Veras is someone that definitely would help improve the bullpen going forward. With that being said, his $4 million price tag is something the Tigers were not willing to pay for a pitcher that has shown some unsteadiness in recent years. Not to mention, his 33 years of age is definitely a factor.

The right-hander posted a 0-1 record with 16 strikeouts, two saves and nine holds in 25 appearances with the Tigers. Veras did a decent job in the postseason, but like the other relievers on the team, was responsible for the strings coming undone when it mattered most. He surrendered two earned runs and struck out nine batters in six appearances in the playoffs.

Overall, Veras was 0-5 with a 3.02 ERA, 60 strikeouts, 21 saves and nine holds in 62 2/3 innings for the Tigers and Houston Astros.

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