Los Angeles Dodgers: Letting Mark Ellis Go Opens Door For Alexander Guerrero

By Michael Pidgeon
Mark Ellis
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Ellis was one of two Los Angeles Dodgers players in which the team recently decided was best to decline their option and buy them out. Now, even though Ellis is closer to 40 than 30, he did an adequate job in the No. 2 hole and was outstanding in the field. With this recent transaction, it appears as though Los Angeles is fully prepared to start recently signed Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero at second base. Will Guerrero live up to the immediate hype he is walking into, or will the Dodgers regret letting Ellis go?

We all know how fellow Cuban Yasiel Puig did in the big leagues, so it is completely understandable why the Dodgers have high hopes for Guerrero. In Puig’s case, the Dodgers were so deep at outfield that Yasiel wasn’t needed to start right away and was sent down to the minors for a little while before being called up for good once injuries started hitting the team. It seems Guerrero isn’t going to have that luxury and is going to be needed at second base as soon as opening day comes for the 2014 MLB season. Will he be ready?

Regardless of how good baseball players are outside of the United States, not all of them have the same impact when they arrive here. If Guerrero happens to struggle, what exactly do the Dodgers do at that point? I fully believe Alexander is destined to be our future second baseman, but is rushing him into the starting spot the right thing for the team? I just hope the Dodgers have a backup plan, just in case going all in on Guerrero backfires.

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