Why Are Houston Astros Confident About 2014?

By Michael Terrill
Why Are Houston Astros Confident About 2014
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros are at a point where they to need decide which direction they want to go. The organization can either continue on its path of 100-plus loss seasons or decide to make some upgrades in free agency and be competitive next season.

“If you add three or four key positions and bring in a couple of guys [from the Minor Leagues] that are ready, this team is pretty competitive pretty quickly with the starting pitching we’ve got,” Astros owner Jim Crane said, according to Astros.com. “We’re deep in pitching.”

Obviously, the top draft picks over the years has given Houston the opportunity to put together a very talented team. However, youth is only going to take them so far. What they really need is to add some veteran players to make the 25-man roster to really come together.

There is no question several starters showed plenty of promise the past season, which certainly has to give the Astros confidence about the direction in which the team is headed. With that being said, Houston must acquire some more talented players. Players that will remain with the team for the long haul instead of being turned into bait for a trade at the midseason deadline.

The pitching staff is not the only area on the team that needs a veteran piece. It is imperative that Houston find a slugger that has a few years left in his career, instead of another Carlos Pena that is going to take them nowhere.

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