Detroit Tigers Hit Home Run With Brad Ausmus Hire

By Brent Smith
Brad Barr- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers needed to change if it was going to make that next level jump. Years of ‘almost, but not quite enough’ had led to fans and the organization knowing that something needed to be shaken up.

When Jim Leyland announced his retirement, it allowed the Tigers to do just that, and they jumped at the opportunity of continuing the trend of experienced, polished managers and taking one of the bigger chances it could have taken in Brad Ausmus. A new era that will finally net the championship all Tigers fans have been waiting for could be coming.

No one is going to say it was managerial work alone that did the Tigers in, but with a new-age view and a new spark to a team bogged in the same old routine, this move is going to make a huge impact one way or the other. The hiring of Ausmus, who will presumably bring his youthful exuberance and energy, is going to really jolt a team that has always had the talent to win it all but just lacked that extra push.

Mixed with an offseason that is sure to change a roster player pieces, and you have a team that is going to excite Tigers fans as nobody wants to shoot for second or third place. Tigers announced that they want to be first and want to take the chance of losing to get the reward of the tremendous upside that Ausmus presents.

A veteran manager would have been status quo, but the Tigers don’t want status quo. It’s time to go for it all and now the Tigers are placing all of its investments in Brad Ausmus.

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