MLB Award Watch: Top 5 Candidates For AL Rookie Of The Year

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Top 5 Candidates For 2013 American League Rookie Of The Year


While the candidates for the 2013 American League Rookie of the Year Award don’t have quite the resume that last year’s winner Mike Trout possessed, the winner should win by about the same landslide.

Trout would have won the 2012 AL Most Valuable Player Award if it weren’t for Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown campaign. Trout hit for an average of .326 with 30 home runs, 83 RBI and an OPS of .963. He led the league in stolen bases with 49 and runs with 129.

No candidate for this year’s award has anywhere near the numbers Trout put up, which ended up being one of the best seasons by a rookie in Major League Baseball history. There is a high chance that no rookie will ever make the same enormous impact that Trout had in 2012. There is, however, an obvious favorite for the 2013 version of the award.

The American League saw a bevy of top-notch rookie starting pitchers in 2013. Some of these pitchers were even key pieces to their respective team’s postseason run, making their case for Rookie of the Year even stronger. But were any of the pitchers good enough to take home the hardware?

One thing is for sure about the eventual winner of this award: He played a huge role in his team’s postseason berth. Before he arrived at the big league level his team was hovering around .500, but when the season played out after his debut his team sailed straight for October.

Here are the Top 5 candidates for AL Rookie of the Year.

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5. Dan Straily, Oakland Athletics, SP


The Oakland A’s Dan Straily was a quality starting pitcher at the end of the American League Western Division Champions’ rotation. He finished second on Oakland the rotation in hits per 9 IP (7.8) and home runs per 9 IP (0.9).

W-L: 10-8

ERA: 3.96

WHIP: 1.241

Strikeouts: 124

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4. Martin Perez, Texas Rangers, SP


Martin Perez was the Texas Rangers’ second-best pitcher during the 2013 season behind Cy Young candidate Yu Darvish. He did not make his season debut until May 27, but he earned a win in six straight starts from July 31 to Sept. 3.

W-L: 10-6

ERA: 3.62

WHIP: 1.405

IP: 124.1

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3. Chris Archer, Tampa Bay Rays, SP


Chris Archer was definitely the most impressive rookie in the American League during the 2013 season. Though he did not make any starts for the Tampa Bay Rays in the postseason, he heavily aided the team’s berth by adding quality innings to a rotation already loaded with talent. He posted better WHIP and ERA numbers than teammate and Cy Young candidate Matt Moore.

W-L: 9-7

ERA: 3.22

WHIP: 1.127

IP: 128.2

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2. Jose Iglesias, Detroit Tigers, SS


Some thought the Boston Red Sox would never let this shortstop prospect leave their grasp, but it turns out they didn’t need him anyway. Nevertheless, Iglesias ended up having a stellar season; the Detroit Tigers have to think they came out on the top in their trade with Boston. On top of being a stellar defender in the infield, Iglesias kept his batting average above .300 for the season.

BA: .303

OPS: .735

Field Pct. (SS): .989

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1. Wil Myers, Tampa Bay Rays, OF


Tampa Bay Rays’ Wil Myers has been the favorite for this award since he made his Major League debut on June 18 against the Boston Red Sox. He was integral in the Rays’ postseason berth; Tampa Bay was three games over .500 when he arrived and 21 games over when the season ended. This most likely won’t be the last piece of hardware Myers brings home when his MLB career is all said and done.

BA: .293

HR: 13

RBI: 53

OPS: .831