New York Yankees Extend Qualifying Offers to Three Players Who Will Turn Them Down

By Adam Fischer
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees have extended qualifying offers to Hiroki Kuroda, Curtis Granderson, and Robinson Cano. This means that in the event that these three players turn down the propositions and sign with other major league teams, the Yankees would receive high draft picks from the hypothetical teams that picked up their players. That being said, I believe that all three will turn down the qualifying offers and become free agents to get the chance to be wooed by organizations vying for their services.

Kuroda has the most unpredictable situation, because he will likely only be offered a one-year deal because of his advanced age, regardless of how good he was this past year. He has also been signed to only one year the past couple of seasons, thus giving him the option to re-sign with the Yankees or go back to Los Angeles or Japan. But because of his history of getting just the one year he is the most likely player to accept the Yankees’ offer, but he will still probably turn it down.

Granderson had a season marred by injuries and didn’t get a chance to exploit his baseball prowess, even though the previous two years were outstanding as he hit the most home runs in the majors in that time span. He could accept the one-year offer and have a fully healthy season, thus getting a multi-year deal in the following offseason, but like Kuroda he probably wants more stability in what might be the last big contract of his career.

There is simply no reason for Cano to accept the qualifying offer. He is the biggest prize this free agency and is in line to make upward of $200 million. He will be sought after by many of the big name, rich franchises, but the Yankees are still the favorite to retain their star. He already has a World Series championship, a loyal fan base, and is set to be the face of the most storied franchise in sports once Derek Jeter retires. So expect these Yankees to become free agents and enjoy the perks in free agency, which should be an eventful one for the Yanks who have some retooling to do with their roster.

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