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The 15 Biggest Boneheads in MLB

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The 15 Biggest Boneheads in MLB

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It is said that into every life some rain must fall. That is true of each and every MLB player as well and sometimes that means one or more of them making bonehead moves. Won’t it be fun to rank the top 15 boneheads around MLB this season? Okay well some of it will be fun and some might not be that much fun as we relive some things that might not be that pleasant to remember.

For the purposes of this list, the quality of the person doesn’t always enter in on the equation but it most certainly can. From time to time even the best of us makes bonehead decisions and that is enough to get someone on this list. It is most certainly not a given that being on this list means these guys are bad players or not smart people in everyday life. Some of them just have some boneheaded things that have happened to them stemming from bad decisions. Hey, it happens.

There are fifteen on this list and some of them will be on a similar list next year and the year after that. Chances are that some of them will never see a list like this that they are not on. Regardless of that however, I mean no ill will towards the players on this list. I hope actually that each of them find their way onto the smartest MLB players list next season instead. Comments are accepted below or on Twitter at #RML.

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15 – Joe Mauer – C

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Mauer is one of the best players in MLB and obviously one of the more intelligent. Why then would he want to risk shortening his career and his personal health by refusing to vacate the starting catcher position after a complication riddled concussion from 2013? I like Mauer a lot but this is not a smart move at all.

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14 – Kevin Towers – GM

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Towers is one of only two non-players on this list. He is here because of his strange decision making over the past year. He traded power outfielders away last offseason just to get to this offseason and claim that is exactly what he needs. Um, yeah, problems with foresight Mr. Towers?

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13 – Bryce Harper – OF

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Harper is obviously a great talent and by all accounts a pretty nice young man. However, I seriously hate it when a player seemingly makes every other hit-by-pitch a stare down contest with the opposing pitcher. In most cases its just a simple shot that clearly got away from the pitcher and even if it isn’t, who cares? If it doesn’t go towards your head, take your base and shut your mouth.

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12 – Brian Wilson – RP

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Wilson is a good teammate and a nice guy. So why is he on this list? Because he apparently doesn’t have a mirror. What is the point in having a ridiculous circus show beard and a long haired mohawk? I understand being an individual but this guy would be unacceptable to half the MLB teams based on appearance alone. Come on!

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11 – Albert Pujols – 1B/DH

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every one of us usually loves a tough guy. Pujols is tough enough for a half the roster but he is being boneheaded about his injury. His chronic foot pain that he continues to play through only gets worse with continued play. There is a chance his short DL stint at the end of the season might help but probably not. He always pushes himself too far and because of that will likely have another down year and shorten his career. What would taking a year off to heal up really have mattered? He’ll miss a lot more than one season at the end of his current contract if he doesn’t slow down.

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10 – Brandon Phillips – 2B

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Phillips is on the outs with the Cincinnati Reds and maybe he has a good point. Maybe he does not have a good point but either way he cannot talk down about his teammates the way he did after they lost to the Pirates in the wildcard playoff. It looked like a bad scene from a movie or something.

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9 – Grant Balfour – RP

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Balfour’s explosive attitude on the mound almost started a fight in the ALCS. That is just about as ridiculous as it gets. This guy is a great talent right now but if his attitude doesn’t get reeled in he is only one boneheaded comment away from looking a whole lot like John Rocker.

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8 – Josh Hamilton – OF

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hamilton is a great talent and I believe is a truly nice guy. He likely could be one of the better guys on his current roster. None of that matters to anyone in the state of Texas though because of one boneheaded comment he made, saying that they were not a baseball town. However he meant it and however true some may think it is, it was the wrong thing to say. He actually may never live it down.

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7 – Ruben Amaro Jr – GM

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the other non-player on the list. Amaro is fooling only himself if he thinks firing Charlie Manual and re-signing aging veterans will overcome his previous bad choices, especially since they are still coming.

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6 – Ryan Dempster – SP

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Dempster found a rare way to make a lot of people actually feel bad for Alex Rodriguez. That should put him on everyone’s poop list anyway. No matter what a player has or has not done, no pitcher has the right to start playing target practice with him. Baseball is a game but not that kind of foolish game. Take a shot if you must but then drop it. What he did was ridiculous.

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5 – Dan Uggla – 2B

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Uggla cannot play the way he has over the past several years, follow that with his worst season ever and then publicly complain when the manager benches him. Really Uggla, how many chances do you get when a team is trying to score runs? Be upset if you must but keep it private since you have absolutely zero room to complain.

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4 – Carlos Quentin – OF

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t care if Zach Greinke talked about Quentin’s pet poodle like she was a dog; nothing gave him an excuse to charge the mound like he was avenging his mother. Watch the video, he says. Well I watched it Carlos and the most I see is a shrug as if Greinke was telling you to either do something or take your dumb base. Really, he was wrong though. Everyone should have just told you to shut your trap and take your base.

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3 – Carlos Gomez – OF

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Gomez is going to be on the list of gold glove outfielders for a while. He is a talent that has room to grow and likely will be one of the better outfielders for a time to come. His attitude at the plate must be fixed somehow though. He cannot hold a grudge for three months and then taunt an entire baseball team with ridiculous antics. Play like that on the third-grade playground Gomez. The gold gloves you own mean you play at a higher standard. Grow up or get out.

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2 – Ryan Braun – OF

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Lies, lies and more lies. The only thing MLB fans detest worse than a player that gets busted with PEDs is one who wins awards because of it and continually lies about it. Honesty would have at least gone somewhere for Braun. What he did only harmed him now and forever.

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1 – Alex Rodriguez – 3B

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that A-Rod came along at a time when a lot of good players were juicing. Really, on some level it makes sense that it was the thing to do. He’s the biggest bonehead unfortunately because a man that should have been the poster boy for the last couple of decades of baseball and one of the best ever is only a poster boy for its problems. He does have the distinction of making everyone wonder how he can be suspended for a season plus and Pete Rose is still banned for life for much less off an offense. That is the only good thing I can think to say right now.