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5 Moves The Philadelphia Phillies Could Make This OffSeason

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Time To Rebuild

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As a fan, I know the time has come for major changes to the roster and front office. The Philadelphia Phillies can no longer hold on to the glory days of the past.

The payroll is over $160 million, which was good for fourth place in the NL East, and they still missed out on the playoffs for the second straight year. Charlie Manuel was fired and Ryan Sandberg replaced him to try to kick start a late season run. Ruben Amaro Jr. has done a horrible job as the GM, even when they were contenders. He signed some good players, but he also over paid for them, putting the Phillies in the hole they are in now. They do not need to sign any free agents this offseason; the Phillies need to trade/give away players and reduce their salary. No more big names, it's time to promote from within.

With the free agent signing period in full swing this offseason, it’s time for the organization to make some major changes to get this once prominent ball club at the top where they belong. It’s not one specific position that needs to be upgraded, it’s the whole roster. There are good players out there that need a change of scenery and the Phillies have to be willing to part with a few of their overpriced veterans to do what they have to do.

The city of Philadelphia can’t count on the Philadelphia 76ers or the Philadelphia Eagles to come close to a championship, so it all hangs on the Phillies' shoulders. I will hate to see certain players leave, but I would love to make it to another World Series before I die. I have a few suggestions for the organization if they are having trouble deciding what direction to go in. Hey, Mr. David Montgomery, here are my top five moves you should make this offseason.

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5. Cody Asche

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By default, Cody Asche is the third baseman, but he does not have the tools to be an everyday player. The Phillies have a few players to take over third base, but none as prominent as Maikel Franco. Now is the time to reach back into your farm system and grab the next star. He has Rookie Of The Year written all over him. His minor league stats for 2013 are ridiculous, AB (541), Hits (173), Runs (89), HR (31) and RBI (103). He might struggle at first, but the potential is there.

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4. Roy Halladay

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It’s time for the good doctor to take his business elsewhere. The fans would like to thank Roy Halladay for his dedication in the four years he wore the Phillies' uniform ,but at 36 years old, $20 million in salary and a history of injuries, he is not doing the team any good. Let him walk away and sign with another team while the Phillies promote from within. It’s time to give Tyler Cloyd his chance to prove his worth to the Phillies.

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3. Jonathan Papelbon

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Why was he brought here in the first place? I had no idea $13 million will get you only 29 saves. I can probably get you that with me eyes closed. My advice is to trade Jonathan Papelbon to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Kenley Jensen. The Dodgers have the funds and a need for a would-be dominate closer, while giving the Phillie0s cap relief.

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2. Jimmy Rollins

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The heart of the Phillies for the last decade. Without Jimmy Rollins there would be no championships. Father time and injuries have caught up with this once stellar shortstop and robbed him of his quickness and plate production. The Boston Red Sox, fresh off their World Series win, could use an upgrade at the position, and the Phillies could use the cap relief as well. Trading Rollins will open the door for their top shortstop prospect, Roman Quinn, to come and make his mark for the Phillies.

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1. Ruben Amaro Jr.

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It’s time for him to go destroy another team and leave the Phillies in the hands of someone else. He did bring a championship to the city, but he also crippled the future. On paper, some of the signings looked great, but didn’t quite pan out well for the team success. He fired Charlie Manuel in the middle of the season while the team was dealing with health issues. He took the punk way out when all he had to do was look in the mirror and place the blame on his own shoulders. Why not make a run at Billy Beane? We have seen what he can do with way less funds than Ruben Amaro Jr. had at his disposal.