Boston Red Sox Prospects: No. 29 – Daniel McGrath

By Shaun P Kernahan
Jet Blue PArk
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

My 29th-ranked Boston Red Sox prospect is left-handed pitcher Daniel McGrath. He has not pitched higher than short-season Lowell, but he has real potential and is a Red Sox through and through.

The 19-year old grew up in Australia as a die-hard Red Sox fan. He was even offered more by other teams, but chose the Red Sox because his baseball dream is to stand on the mound at Fenway with Red Sox on his chest. It will take a few years, but that will happen.

He has an okay fastball that tops out right about 90 mph, but has an excellent circle change and is working on making his curve a reliable pitch. He is just 11 starts in his professional career and has ERA of 3.54, as well as a K/BB ratio greater than 3/1. He stands 6-foot-3, but has a projectable body that could add velocity to his pitches, and his control will come along in time.

He played three seasons with the Melbourne Aces in the Australian Baseball league, with his first season coming when he was just 16. Having played with journeyman major leaguers ever since he was 16, he is incredibly mature and grounded despite being a 19-year-old half a world away from his home.

Regardless of where he is pitching, he has a very repeatable downhill delivery. His curveball, the pitch that needs the most work, is still a quality 12-6 curve that comes in to the plate in the low 70s. He tends to slow his body some when he throws his change, but that is something that can easily be fixed in his development.

He may not reach the big leagues until likely 2016 at the earliest, but he very well could act end up being a no. 3 starter for years.

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