George Brett Freaks Out On Fan Asking For Autograph

By Andrew Fisher
George Brett
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

George Brett is a member of the baseball Hall of Fame, who played all 21 years of his career with the Kansas City Royals. Brett also returned to the team last year to act as a hitting coach. On Wednesday, he flew into KC for awards dinner where he was being honored. The ‘Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City’ honored the former slugger as the Outstanding Kansas Citian of The Year 2013.

When Brett arrived at the KC airport before the award ceremony, he was confronted by a fan for an autograph. This is what happened:

**Warning: Video contains strong adult language.**

As you can hear, the former Royals’ infielder was not pleased. You might be thinking, what a jerk! Which is kind of true. However, it turns out that this same fan has asked Brett for his autograph many times in the past. The fan in the video has since done an interview with a local television station where he revealed that he’s asked Brett for his autograph about 35 times in the the past. Obviously, this last time was one time too many.

The fan told KCTV5, “All he had to say was, no or ignore me.”

I’m going to have to side with the obsessed fan on this one, even though he admits to selling Brett’s autographs. There’s just reason to talk to another person like that over a signature. My guess is that the hall-of-famer will be more careful with his words in the future.


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