AL MVP: Finalists and Prediction

By Michael Pidgeon
Mike Trout
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To no one’s surprise, Los Angeles AngelsMike Trout and Detroit TigersMiguel Cabrera are finalists for the AL MVP. It’s the third finalist that may come as a surprise to some. Baltimore OriolesChris Davis put on one heck of a show in Baltimore in 2013 and deservedly belongs in the AL MVP discussion.

Davis was the biggest reason why the Orioles were actually in the playoff hunt towards the end of the season, and if you don’t believe me, just look at his 7.0 WAR.

Chris was able to help Baltimore win seven more games than a replacement level first basemen could have. He finished the season with a .286 batting average, 167 hits, 103 runs scored, 42 doubles, 53 home runs, 138 RBIs and even managed one triple. Davis was not only Baltimore’s main offensive threat, but he took advantage of Cabrera’s injuries and kept Miguel from winning back-to-back triple crowns.

Trout was once again the best all-around player for the Angels in 2013 and could be the best in all of baseball in 2014, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The stats Trout have these year are amazing, but the crazy part is that he only missed five games all season. That tells me that Mike rarely went into slumps and if he did, he had no problem rebounding from them.

Trout finished his solid season with 109 runs scored, 190 hits, 39 doubles, nine triples, 27 home runs, 97 RBIs and even walked 110 times. If that’s not enough, then let’s look even deeper to truly find how valuable he was for the Angels. 78-84 was the record the Angels finished, with and Trout’s 10.1 WAR was a big part of that. If the Angles didn’t have Trout, they could have lost an addition 10 games with a replacement-level player, if not more.

Cabrera won the triple crown in 2012 and if it wasn’t for nagging injuries towards the end of 2013, he might have not only won another one, but he would have done it with even better stats than last season. Miguel finished with a .348 batting average, 103 runs scored, 193 hits, 44 home runs and 137 RBIs.

He was on pace to put up even better numbers than what he finished with, but he was unable to stay healthy at the end of the season and it ended up costing him what would have been back-to-back triple crowns.

All three finalists are deserving of the honors, but only one can call himself MVP. When it’s all said and done, Davis will come in third, Trout will finish second and Cabrera will once again be the AL MVP.

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