Detroit Tigers Need Joe Nathan

By Brent Smith
Peter Aiken- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have been closer challenged over the last decade to say the least. The carousel of closers that have come into the Tigers bullpen has been a roller coaster ride that would be a main attraction at any theme park. Many Tigers fans are tired of the roller coaster and would like to see a new, more stable ride put in place. For the past few years the Tigers have passed on the big closer on the market because they thought they had enough internally to not have to pay such a high price for a big name closer. Those days are gone, and now the Tigers need to be ready to open up their pocketbook.

Joe Nathan is not the most ideal candidate, but his results speak for themselves. The guy just knows how to close games and do so at rates the Tigers have not had in decades. Sure the price tag will be more than most are comfortable with, but when October rolls around and you have a guy who you can count on to come in and shut a game down those worries will not hold any water. The Tigers spend so much on other positions it is crazy they leave the very last piece completely unguarded. It is like having a Ferrari and sporting discount tires you found from a guy named Larry who built them himself.

It is time to stop looking for discounts or internal options and just go get the stability that a big name closer can bring. Each postseason proves the value of closers, and each postseason the Tigers are left trying to shakeup its team in search of that missing piece when really the missing piece has been in front of them for so long. It is time for a big name closer, and it is time for Joe Nathan in Detroit.

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