Detroit Tigers Rumors: Pros and Cons of a Possible Max Scherzer Trade

By David Miller
Max Scherzer

As crazy as it seems right now the Detroit Tigers are rumored to be considering a trade of their newly crowned ace starting pitcher Max Scherzer. Because my wallet is not the Tigers’ wallet it seems completely out of the question to me. But my wallet is not their wallet so they have other considerations in the matter. For the sake of argument let’s assume they are planning to trade Scherzer away this offseason. What would the pros and cons of that decision be?

The pros are easy. If Scherzer hits the trade market there would be no more sought starting pitcher on Earth that him. That means that the Tigers would be guaranteed a crazy return package for him. They could potentially gain two or three future all-stars in the form of another team’s current top prospects. Other than that huge pro, the other pro is the money they would save, not this year but when his free agency hits. Chances are he might not be even in their price-range so if they traded him now they would get a ton for him instead of nothing then.

Interestingly enough the cons are also quite easy. If they trade Scherzer away, no matter how great of a return package they receive, they will likely not get another supreme first line ace. For now they have Justin Verlander and now Scherzer. What are the chances that they can strike gold again if they trade Scherzer away? If you ask me they are not very good. It could potentially hurt the roster badly enough that it would take them out of immediate World Series contention.

In the end the decision is not an easy one. If they are not going to be able to touch his contract demands as a free agent, is it worth one more great season? If it brings them a World Series title the answer would probably be yes if you asked the owner. Because it is his money, it would ultimately be his choice. If it were me I would keep him and take the risk of losing him. What would you do?

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